"Absorb Shine from Nature 

it will reflect on your Personality"

Dr Prachi Sharma


Personality Development be learnt by everyone as they help in shaping the personality. In order to achieve ultimate success, it is very important to understand self-persona & have a realized soul.

Life Skills helps person to reconstruct their life. Happiness attracts opportunities and luck. If a person is happy and realised from the inside, he is more attentive to details. The happiness aura in him helps him understand, react and respond in a better way. A realised human being is more creative as his vision and decisions are more lucid than a person with a troubled and disturbed mind set. Even the greatest scientist in the world can face difficulties in concentrating if he is suffering from stress and depression. A serene mind leads to better productivity and efficiency. In other words, a sound inner-self helps in the development of a successful professional life.

Meditating has been scientifically proven to increase happiness levels, reduce stress, and enhance productivity to get more done throughout the day. While it was once an uncommon practice, meditation is becoming more mainstream in our culture–for the better.


The Purpose of life

It is said that the purpose of life is to live a purposeful life. So, what's the purpose anyway? Materialistic success or inner peace? The perfect combination of both is the answer. The right blend of both the phenomena. With a profound personality, an individual can achieve both of them. He can be materialistically successful and spiritually peaceful at the same time. Personality Development Training opens the horizons of human capabilities and widens the ambit of one's skillset and expertise. A person gets to know about his hidden talents and capabilities. One gets the answer to the age old question, "Who am I"? This question has generated more doubts than any other thing in the world. It has led to failures and demotivation all around the globe. So, it is very important to find oneself and the purpose for which one is here. With personality development training, life gets a purpose and success becomes a by-product

Life Skills For Successful career- 6 Days Workshop

“I am able to Do”

What is the purpose of the training?


The purpose of the training is to initiate a process of rapid improvement of Mind & Body by means of Meditation & achieving understanding of the correct principles of personal effectiveness & Observes Energy in Mind & Body which gives perfect path to the thoughts


What are the benefits of the training?


The first step to changing yourself, your personality, your habits, and the way you come across to others is to BECOME AWARE OF YOURSELF.


•Mind & Body Activation

•Confidence & Courage Booster

•“I am able to Do”- positive affirmation

•Reduces Stress & Anxiety

•Removal of Negative Thoughts

•Development of Magnetic Personality

•Development of Powerful Outlook

•Removal of Frustration

•Improves Physical & Emotional dimensions of Personality

•Widens your Life’s Horizons

Increase Concentration




Benefits of Workshop


1.“I am able to Do”- positive affirmation

2.Removal of Negative Thoughts

3.Development of Magnetic Personality

4.Development of Powerful Outlook

5.Increases Mental Health

6.Regulate mood and anxiety disorders

7.Reduces stress and anxiety in general

8.Promotes Emotional Health

9.Enhances Self-Awareness.

10.Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss.

11.Generate Kindness.

12.Help Fight Addictions.

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