Shri Gurudev

Shri Gurudev, a Yogi, Philosophical mystic & prominent spiritual Leader. His mastery of connection of inner and wisdom gives direction to people and helps them in divine journey, Meditation. Gurudev works towards the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of all.

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This 10 Days Program which will give you new path in life, spirit of enthusiasm Good Health from Inside & Outside body.

As full human race is facing Pandemic/ COVID-19 or Corona, every body is disturbed from this pandemic situation since last year 2020. During this situation till now many people are suffered from this disease and recovered, many are still home isolated suffering from this deadly disease and others are feared from the Corona. 

When the person recovered  from Covid-19 their body is damaged internally, they are mentally, emotionally disturbed.  By taking heavy doses of Medicines person's internal organs damages, with the result body become "Kantihene" or Pale.

Several researchers have indicated that yoga is a tool for mental and physical well-being. As the focus on boosting immunity grows due to the widespread adverse health effects caused by the covid-19 pandemic, the role of this ancient practice is becoming prominent.

This Program is specially made to recover person Mentally, Physically from inside & out. If you don't take care of your body & mind after Corona, Life will deteriorate slowly.



Why you should join this Post COVID-19 Healing Program

Benefits of Post COVID-19 Healing Program

Increase Lung Capacity

Relax your Nervous disorder

Increases Oxygen value

Improves your Emotional Condition

Removes Fear

Restores your Physical Strength

Improves your Mental Health

Heals your Depression

Boost your Immunity

Improves your Sleep quality

Yoga & Meditation will play significant role in the Emotional, Mental & Physical care and rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients in quarantine or isolation.

 What you will Learn in this Program

4 Major Parts of Healing program

Yoga- Jeevan Tatva Sadhan & other Yogasans


Meditation -7 programs to fight with pandemic


Yogic Food Diet Chart


Routine of the Day for quick recovery


Day activities

6 Meditation Program of Healing program (FREE Only for COVID-19)

Depression Healing Meditation Program (worth Rs 2000/$ 30)  FREE

Health Healing Meditation Program (worth Rs 5000/$ 99)  FREE

Mind Power Meditation Program (worth Rs 4000/$ 50)  FREE

Tension Healing Meditation Program (worth Rs 2000/$ 30)  FREE

Anxiety Healing Meditation Program (worth Rs 2000/$ 30)  FREE

Ratri (Deep sleep) Meditation Program (worth Rs 2000/$ 30)  FREE

Who can Learn this Program

Any body who is Mentally disturbed & Physically week. 

COVID-19 recovered Patients

Any body above 18 years want to learn Yog & meditation

How Healing Program will be delivered

This is 10 days Online program.

SDYK will send Yoga & Meditation Training Videos, Related topic PDF, Immunity Booster & Yogic food Chart & Routine Chart for healing/ fast recovery Every day we will send on your given whats app no. or Email according to your preferred  Language (Hindi or English)

Facilitator of the Program

Shri Gurudev, Founder Siddh Dhyan Yog Kendra (SDYK)

Dr Prachi Sharma- OM Kriya Expert & Life Coach

Registration Details

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Post COVID-19 Healing Program

Registration fee is Rs 500 or $10


Thank you for choosing SDYK

How to do Payment


UPI ID- 9171115821@YBL






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