Guruji states that स्वयं को जानना ही ज्ञान है (to understand self is real knowledge). His vision is to give every human being an Inward wellbeing by Scientific method – a method that gives the power of Discovering inner-self.

Yogi Guru Shri Shyamji Maharaj is blessed by Adi Yogi Shri MahaPrabhuji, dada Guru Sadguru Ramlal Prabhuji, yogi raj shri Chandramohanji maharaj, Param yogini Shri Maa Uma Shakti. He gets divine energy from Adi Yogi.  Guruji is connected directly with International Yog association, he is trained by Adi yogi clan & doing Sadhna since last 25 years. He gave different formulas to get released from diverse problems like; Igo, Anger, Anxiety, Nadi blockage, mental blockage, fear, Obesity, Cough vikar, Vayu Vikar & other problems. His guidance is outstanding, especially for the people who actually wants to open all 7 Chakras & make person with full of Mindfulness. he make people so strong & internally clean & clear from body & mind blockage. He guide people to make them inner energy balanced.                

Our Method

Release Your Mind

Multitude of programs to release




Meditation, Mindfulness & opening third eye vow.


Treat Your Body

Guided Meditation Programs for Personal Growth, Satvik Food & Immunity.

Increase the power of Breathing & Increase the Self esteem.

Discover your Inner self


Many programs we run which gives power of Discovering inner-self


Keeping his Vision in mind, he created and started multitude of programs all towards the same aim: to boost inward wellbeing of every human being to know life in its full depth and dimension.

External Body can only capture physical world; by touch, see, taste, hear and smell, BUT what about internal body; but are blind to all internal senses. Only by ध्यान, धारणा, समाधी एवं संकल्प (Meditation, Mindfulness & opening third eye vow) can help person observe inward wellbeing. Guruji is a link between these two creations of yourself- internal and physical. He gives training to increase mystic power & inward power