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Nobody and Nothing will help you, until you start helping YOURSELF

Meditation is the practice of turning one's attention to a single point of position. It involves focusing on the breath, on bodily sensations. In other words, meditation means turning away from Negative thoughts to Positive thoughts and focusing on

self-understanding. It is a natural method to place the human soul in conscious contact with God.

Meditation gives peace and quiet against the stresses of everyday life and opens the door to the deepest and divine part of ourselves.

Research has confirmed that physiological and psychological changes take place in the body during meditation. The Read more....

Historical evidences of the existence of Yoga were seen in the pre-Vedic period (2700 B.C.), and thereafter till Patanjali’s period. The main sources, from which we get the information about Yoga practices and the related literature during this period, are available in Vedas (4), Upanishads(108), Smritis, Epics (2), Puranas (18) etc.

Adi yogi yog yogeshwar Maha Prabhu shri Ramlal ji maharaj has developed 9 yog kriyas which are an abstract of all yog kriyas, called “JEEVAN TATVA SADHAN” by doing daily practice of all these 9 yog kriya you can get rid-off from many diseases. By doing these 9 yog kriya of Jeevan Tatva Sadhan for 6 months daily, person’s will get a young, rejuvenated and completely healthy Body & Mind. Read more.....

Understand Yourself 
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Update Software of Your Mind To Remove Negativity
Absorb White Color from Nature, it carries GOD Properties

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